We simply have a passion for bread. Traditional sourdough ensures a more easily digested bread, thus a more healthful bread.

We only us the best ingredients. No additives or preservatives. Sink your teeth into a hearty crust baked in our traditional brick oven. Experience all the freshness, flavour, and aroma of a quality bread. 

Taste the Passion!

We hope that our passion for organic farming and for baking quality bread entices you to try our natural products.


Our family immigrated from Europe in 2008 to turn our vision into reality. We see a bright future for Canada, thriving in harmony with the four elements. In order to achieve this, we began at the heart, with our own family.
To honour the Earth and respect her needs, we farm organically and non-GMO. The earth we care for provides us with grains and potatoes.
Fire burns inside what we do , feeding from our passion, tradition, and passed-down knowledge from seven generation’s. We bake natural and traditional european-style bread, all of which are fermented using a piece of inherited sourdough culture. We treasure this culture as the base for our health and essential to the health of all our customers.The bread is baked by the flame of our brick oven.
By living close to Lake Huron, we have developed a deep love for the Water. This admiration has led us to start our "Plastic Free Business" campaign followed by our project: Great Lakes, Let's keep them great! We are pleased to sponsor the Coastal Conservation Center. 
The Air has also played an important part, by sweeping in and guiding us to take flight with our ideas and receive inspiration from above


"Preserve the land and the air and the rivers for your children's children and love it as we loved it. The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth"


We must maintain a balance between these elements, to ensure a healthy future for the generations to come and for Canada, a place we are proud to call home. We must leave a legacy of love and honour nature, the greatest gift we've been given. It all starts with family. It all starts now.


I am Christian, a very happily married father of three, farmer, and a baker of seven generations. In my family, expertise in baking bread and farming has been handed down from father to son very much in the same traditional way for hundreds of years. I graduated with a Master's Degree as a baker in 1988. In 1991, I merited the prestigious CMA* gold metal for Bread Quality. I originally studied to be a micro mechanic but returned to my family business and pursued studies in all areas of bread making, specializing in healthy sourdough breads. Never the less my skills in mechanics come very useful to me today more than ever, building, fixing and upgrading our farm equipment, a new aspect of my life since we moved to Canada which I love very much.

I'm the cat lover in the family. They are my companions, day and night. 

I am Sophie, you'll find me in our bakery store (in the winter time) and in our little yellow trailer during the warmer seasons, driving from market to market serving you our products for your table. 

In between, I enjoy taking advantage of our beautiful farm life through tending to the happy ducks, chickens and plants that also call our farm home. I am very connected and wish to protect the water, for it is 'life'. I planted the seed for our creation of the Great Lakes Project, because of my love, sensitivity and awareness towards the water. I see a lot of things that i would like to change in the world, regarding environment and social justice and so I try to go step by step.

I am Yannick, the oldest son. I have been in many fields of work, including construction, farm mechanics, and studies in healthcare. Now, I have embraced organic farming. I feel there is a huge gap in the organic farm equipment market. I spend a lot of time creating and improving our equipment to make organic farming more efficient. I strive to grow nutritious and healthy products. 

I am Mathieu. Though I appreciate growing up on a farm and country living, I find my passion in the arts. One of my hobbies is crafting pieces out of scrap metal. I graduated from Toronto Film School (TFS), and find all aspects of theater very intriguing. 

Hi, I'm Laurie! you'll find me a little bit all over the place these days...sometimes at the market accompanying my mother, or baking at night with my father. I try to be available to assist with farm work as well, especially during the harvest season.

I have a strong interest in healthy living and have a deep appreciation for nature. I love to get outdoors. Environmental issues lie close to my heart, I feel I am quite sensitive to the health of the planet and feel an urge to act in some way to bring a change and do good. 

When the weather is gloomy you'll most likely see me check into the YMCA, get my heart pumping. I like to move.

On other days, I like to stay in the comfort of our home and get creative. Drawing, painting, knitting, pottery, are all things I like to do.

I graduated High school, and because of my many interests I am patiently waiting and listening to my heart to uncover what I would like to do for a career, what I am called to do and what I can bring to this world. Peace, Love, Happiness to you all!

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