The only ingredients

we use in our breads are:

Flour (Rye, Spelt, and/or Wheat), Water, Sourdough, Sea Salt, Yeast (less than 1%), optional- Seeds (Sunflower, Flax, Sesame, Oats-), & Olives.

All our Breads are VEGAN, except for the Sweet Buns. But talk with us and we can make them suit your needs!

ADA is a chemical commonly used in North America to artificially inflate the dough, likely bloating our bellies! This is why our breads are denser, and though they may seem 'more expensive' you are receiving more. When comparing prices, be sure to look for price per kilogram, as volume and size is often misleading.

All our Flours (spelt, rye, wheat) are ORGANIC!

Grown without pesticides/herbicides, no artificial preservatives/flavour enhancers/leaveners (such as ADA)

The Water we use is from our farm's deep drilled well. It is fresh and filtered. Of course, we regularly make sure to get its quality tested by the Health Unit.

An important feature of

the Organic Rye and Spelt Flours, is that they are grounded into flour at slower speed preventing over-heating of the flour, thus better quality. We are proud to support a small-mill that uses traditional and healthy European methods when processing, located in

Scotland Ontario.

We believe that the pesticides are the largest trigger behind gluten-intolerances, rather than the Gluten itself, which has been present in healthy breads for centuries. Also,

a dough that is unfermented is harder to digest than one

that is.

The Sea Salt is obtained directly through the evaporation of sea-water. It undergoes minimal or no processing, and therefore retains trace levels of minerals, like magnesium, potassium, calcium and other nutrients.

Rye is a natural preservative and allows retention of nutritional values and taste. Fermentation of this sourdough bread allows neutralisation of phytic acid (enzyme found in rye), preventing its dangerous decalcifying properties and transforming them into a B vitamin.

Spelt, as well as Rye, contains a moderate amount of gluten. It is theoretically not suitable for celiac disease...though...we have had some of our celiac and gluten allergic customers tolerate out Rye/Spelt breads!

Sometimes we belive that our gluten allergic customers are not allergic to the gluten, but rather all the other commonly used artificial chemicals in baking these days...

Take some time to scroll through these facts we think are very important to know

They are not in specific order so make sure you read them all if you can!


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