Organic Certified Potatoes

About Potatoes:

Potato peels are really nutritious - brimming with potassium, B vitamins, vitamin C, iron, calcium, and phytochemicals. As such, potatoes are best consumed with their peels ON.

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The Dirty Dozen

The most pesticide-laden fruits and berries are apples, strawberries, peaches and blueberries, as well as imported nectarines and grapes. If the latter pair are left off the list, the first four and six vegetables make up the 10 worst offenders among nonorganic produce. Among vegetables, the most pesticides were found in celery, spinach, potatoes, bell peppers, lettuce, and both kale and collards, which were grouped together. Like the fruits, these include some of the most popular supermarket produce items.


All our potatoes are certified organic. This year, 2019, we couldn't plant as many potatoes as we wished because of the wet spring. Due to a dry summer... didn't harvested as many as we expected....


Yukon Gem (yellow), Gold Rush/Russett (white), Red Chieftain (red), Almera (yellow) and Agria (yellow). 

All our potatoes 2019 are sold out !

$10.00 / 10lbs

$18.00 / 20lbs

$38.00 / 50lbs

For 50 lbs or more, place your order before November 1st


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