Let's Talk Prices!

When we started our bakery in 2011, our dream was to make healthy bread available for everyone regardless of their income. We would achieve this by wanting to use organic grains from our fields and have them milled at labour cost only. Unfortunately, it could not work like that...

Our grains needed to be mixed with grains grown out west, because of the protein value needed to make a quality baking flour; the Miller will only buy our grains and sell us his flour.

Consequently, the flour is much more expensive than we expected. However, we are still equal if not lower in prices than grocery stores!

If you don't believe us...

Make sure you compare our prices with the grocery store prices per 100g. What seems to look the same volume, has different densities.

The breads we offer have a greater total weight, yet look the same as a bread that may weigh less in the grocery store, because our breads do not contain a specific chemical blowing and whitening agent widely used in today's baking industry. This same chemical, azodicarbonamide (ADA), is also commonly used in the manufacturing of plastics and rubber. Several studies have proven that health problems will manifest themselves when this chemical is consumed. A common symptom that sensitive people will encounter is bloating and digestion problems. That's why we choose to use 100% organic flours and cane sugar.

Our prices fall 20-25% below grocery stores numbers...and if you compare the quality, freshness and service, no doubt we are fair. 

If you have any concerns or questions feel free to ask us!

We are happy to help you...our relationship with you is important to us!


Have a great day. 


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