Appreciated most for its fine delicate taste and its lightness, the sourdough in these Artisan breads (just as in all of our breads) promotes easy digestion and gives an authentic taste that cannot be equalled by a modern white bread made with mostly yeast and baking powder.

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ALL of the white breads are 100% organic wheat, sourdough, water, salt, and small amount of yeast


We recently converted all our wheat flour to organic wheat flour to make our white breads as natural as possible, eliminating chemicals, bleaching and synthetic leavening agents such as ADA (click here to learn more about this commonly used chemical) 


Dutch Cube

Children or senior choose its square for its beautifully airy crumb and soft crust. It is ideal for making sandwiches, toast, french toast...or try dipping it! VEGAN

700g $5,75


We like it round for its old fashioned nostalgic look with a dusting of flour. This bread is a true classic white loaf, that retains a moist light crumb and soft crust. It too has a good shelf-life. VEGAN

700g $5,75

Canadian Toast

Similar to the Dutch Cube in regards to shape and uses, however, it weighs less, has a lighter taste, is soft and stays true to classical Canadian bread; almost like an unsweetened brioche. There is sourdough present in the dough but the fermentation is shorter. VEGAN

450g $3,75

French White 

A little wider than a traditional French Baguette, this bread has a nice crust with a slightly airy crumb. Its small slices are ideal for a side to a meal. It makes great garlic and bruschetta appetizers. VEGAN

450g $3,50

Greek Olive 

Almost identical to the French White, this baguette is filled with olive chunks and lightly spiced with thyme. It nicely accents a meal and can create delicious 'mediterranean' savoury appetizers. VEGAN

450g $4,00

Big Family Wheel 

Two Italian Loafs in one! Ideal for a household full of bread lovers. Makes beautiful large slices, convenient for sandwich making and presentable appetizer creations. VEGAN

1400g $11,00


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